Monday, May 28, 2007

My 2007 Associated Content Writing Tour

Associated Content has been good to many writers. My thought is to not only publish my own links to my articles at AC, but if you would like to have a link placed here I'd be happy to do it. And maybe you would link my articles on your blog in return. We shall see how this writing tour goes. Here's a link to one of my interviews with my favorite kind of people, a hard core musician missionary.

He's goth, he's hard rock, and he's really rough around the edges which makes life ever so interesting. He and his wife moved from CA to Detroit where life has been hard but very rewarding. They are a part of the underground Goth community. It's a most interesting read. Enjoy.

Leave me your link to your best articles and hopefully we can give you more exposure. And if you are interested in writing with us, come join my writing team and get paid up to $20 per article and a "royalty" for every page view. What more could you ask for while waiting for that big publishing deal?

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