Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Mission

We're still looking for any kind of a buzz for the Gatekeeper's 2007 AC Writing Tour. If you write for Associated Content and would like a link from here to your articles, I will try to get as much exposure for just a link back on your blog. What say ye? Here's a snippet from an interview I did with Steve O who's on the mission field in that place we lovingly refer to as . . . ahum . . . Detroit?

The Gatekeeper: Tell us why you moved to um . . . Detroit?

Steve-O: We're on a mission from God. And quit laughin. Let me explain something about Detroit: it's hardcore. It's cold here. People are struggling to make the rent, struggling with heavy addictions, struggling with depression, anger, multi-generational prejudice, they are searching for a voice, they are searching for connection, they are searching for meaning, searching for a real relationship with God, yet they are too blue collar proud and scared to say "help me." Add to that a certain blunt honesty. If they like you, you'll know it. If they don't, believe me you'll know it.

Laura and I speak that language. It's been said in certain circles that we're possibly a wee bit rough around the edges. But we fit here. Not only do we fit here, we were made for this place, and this place has welcomed us. It's a battleground that we've been preparing for all of our lives.


I shall now direct you to the AC page for more on this story. Click here, and thanks for reading.

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