Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kauai Vacation Packages

So picture this if you will. You open the front door of your little two-bedroom ocean front villa and your toes greet the warm sandy beach. There's a golden sun peeking over the palm trees and the bluest of waters, with white foamy capped waves caress your weary feet. You must stop dreaming, I say, and put this plan into motion. Summer is at your heels and one has quite a few of kauai vacation packages to choose from. So choose already.

Lady Gatekeeper has already visited three Hawaiian islands and time has come for her return. Comparitively speaking, why would one want to journey to international vacation sports when all the while our own Hawaiian islands have so much to offer.

One cannot argue that the weather is heavenly. And wherever one travels the ocean never leaves one's view. There are refreshing waterfalls along the paths of guava and coconut trees. Or might one be interested in windsurfing? Go no further. Snorkeling, horseback riding or ride the train through the sugar cane fields and fly over the islands for that spectacular look. So much to do and much to see. Therefore, I dare say, stay home for vacation and visit our very own islands.

Here's a web release, in case one needs more convincing. Enjoy

KAUAI, HI--(MARKET WIRE)--Feb 19, 2007 -- Recommendations by the 9/11 Commission have led to a new law that requires US citizens returning to the country by air to show a passport. As of 2006, only a quarter of the American public actually held a passport. Hawaiian Beach Rentals recently conducted an informal survey that projected a marked increase in domestic travel as a result of the new passport legislation.

In accordance with the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, the passport requirement is a part of the states' and Homeland Security's Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. Charles Koehl of Hawaiian Beach Rentals states, "Our staff recently conducted an informal survey of our customers. In light of the new passport regulations, more than half the customers questioned intend to make domestic travel arrangements as opposed to scheduling international travel. In fact, one of our customers who's spent her life traveling the south pacific told us that as long as her favorite Kauai condo is available, there's really no need to leave the US."

As early as January 1, 2008, the Department of Homeland Security expects to have similar passport requirements that apply to sea travel. Traveling to domestic destinations such as an all-inclusive Kauai vacation package will allow tourists to plan exotic, luxurious, and hassle-free vacations by air or sea without having to obtain a passport.

Mr. Koehl further says, "American travelers now find it easier to come to Hawaii than other international destinations, but still want a customized experience that only local people can help coordinate. Hawaiian Beach Rentals offers accommodations such as Kauai vacation rental homes, condos and hotels, as well as airfare and car rentals to customers wanting to travel to Hawaii. Our services include up to date local information about Hawaii and the ability for customers to quickly and easily pay for their vacation online via a secure payment process." Additional information and incredible color photos of domestic travel destinations in Hawaii are available online at Hawaiian Beach Rentals.


Lady G~ said...

Hawaii is on our list of places we want to visit. I have a friend that's been there three times. She loves it. The pictures I've seen are absolutely breath taking.

Maybe one day...

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