Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Day So Slow

I woke up to an unusual cold summer morning. A rather strange mist covered our local mountains--looked like snow. Of course, that didn't happen. Both dogs left a few presents in the garden--cleanup took a few minutes of my time, very necessary. Then I hung around the grapevine for a while, sat on a wooden chair and soaked in the morning air. A little baby hummingbird kept me company.

Spanky finally opened his eyes around 11:00am and started his lessons a little after. Hmm, we need to stick to a better schedule. It's the last weeks of school and getting in those last assignments is quite a chore. We're sort of on track. Mother says that when Spanky graduates I deserve to finally get my American HS diploma. You see, apparently Aussie HS is a couple of years ahead of the US and when I got here in 1976 I was only in 10th grade but I had enough credits to graduate. I'm thinking I missed out on something, however. Ah, reflections.

In any case, after a shower I drove Spanky to the baseball diamond. And there in the school's parking lot I found my shady tree and fell into the shadows of a world filled with evil English men. I walked through the thick wet fog with a Lady seer who, as it seems, will save all humanity through her dreams. Unfortunately, her husband might have something to say about that since he seems to be on the wrong side of things.

There's a knock on my car door, baseball practice is over. We drive home. Neighbor to the right has homemade tacos ready as we turn into our driveway. And here we sit, eating tacos and ice-cream. The day ends as we watch Layne, I mean Spanky, on the Disney Channel. Ah, he's cute even with his hair in face. It's been a nice, slow day and I bid a Good night to you all.


Lady G~ said...

What a beautiful day you had. I love slow days. Helps me to relax and reflect. Brings my focus back to leading a simple life... to what priority should be... my family.

The GateKeeper said...

Too true, Lady G. Relax, reflect and focus on what really matters. It was a good day.