Thursday, May 31, 2007

The California Breeze AC Tour

Ah, feel that California Breeze. Sweet, isn't it? Sharon Lynn has been featured as blog of the day, well deserved, and now the Gatekeeper's 2007 AC Tour is passing through the Breeze.

Sharon rides through the desert and mountains of California on an off-road motor cycle--chasing her teen sons and husband. A published writer, she also enjoys her job teaching writing, language arts and math to Special Education Students.

She's a blast, my friends of Blog Land, and she loves to get a little controversial as you will see with her article Inherit the Wind vs. The Scopes Monkey Trial.

Here's the scoop from Sharon Lynn . . .

Inherit the Wind Vs. The Scopes Monkey Trial
By Sharon Lynne,

If one reads the actual historical record of the famous Scopes "Monkey" Trial it is evident that Inherit the Wind (a play about the trial, used in classrooms) not only misleads students, but is guilty of promoting the "narrow thinking" it rallies against.


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Sharon Lynne said...

Thank you Gatekeeper.

I wrote that article because I was concerned that the play Inherit the Wind (although entertaining) presents a misleading, narrow, and biased view of the Scopes Monkey Trial.

It would benefit students to be familiar with the historical account. See Edward J Larson's book about the trial "Summer of the Gods". It won a pulitzer prize for history.