Sunday, April 29, 2007

Write On

Yes, as I have mentioned before Lady Gatekeeper is a single mom. The working world has passed her by. Indeed she no longer would function well as a secretary and Starbucks would make her very nervous. Nonetheless, one thing she loves to do is write. And when companies like Smorty gives her a chance to get paid for blogging, well . . . life just falls into place. Rejoice.

Smorty connects advertisers who will pay bloggers, like a simple Gatekeeper, to write opinion posts with a few links here and there back to the advertiser's site. This is easy, fun and trust me, if one is able to blog for money and remain a stay-at-home mom it is quite possibly a nice paycheck at the end of the week. And again I say, Rejoice! And blog advertising can be done with class and taste so one can keep one's blog as original as the author. Therefore, might I suggest you go visit Smorty and get paid to blog. Many blessings.

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