Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Neighborhood

The California desert is quiet this day. How could it be? Quite unusual, to say the least, to not find one child upon a bike or skates or don their running shoes. School is out! Do they not know? Oh the travesty. Children are sleeping. That is the report from neighbor to neighbor and nothing seems to wake them.

There is a little one, however, three years old I believe. She will help Opa do his daily gardening activities. The flowers are in full bloom and it brings joy to her heart. Brilliant are their coats and at last the apple tree has blossomed and the fruit on the vine will climb once more.

Finally, the boys rub the sleep out of their eyes. It is one hour before the noon clock chimes. Shame, shame I say. Nonetheless, it is rest they need. After all, life is tough these days.

Desert weather is strange. There's a wind that howls and sweeps across this land for just a moment. A quick moment indeed and then the singing is gone. It leaves behind a change in the climate and by nightfall I would assume a chill will arrive. Glorious though, I must admit before the heat of summer greets us.

For now, neighbor child to the left sits, in her Spring dress with golden slippers on her tiny feet, upon the stone wall of Opa's Garden. It's a wonderful world from up there.

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