Friday, April 06, 2007

The 1K Tuesday Opp

Today we are once again put on pins and needles, so to speak. It is nice, indeed, to get the much needed blog traffic and PayPerPost is certainly gracious enough to bring it our way. You have not heard the buzz? Seriously? Oh, by all means, you must sign your name to this program. There is a writer inside most of us, is there not? If you like you could even review this post and receive $7.50.

This is not a well kept secret, a nice earning is to be made here, so you might want to get you're groove on and sign up. Would I, The Gatekeeper, steer you wrong? Not likely.

Now, on to the pins and needles. I tell you the scoop: When Tuesdays comes this month, in the dark hours at precisely midnight, PayPerPost will release one opportunity for $1000. Thus the name 1K Tuesday. Nice, don't you think?

The opportunity will run into the wee hours and shall be closed around 11:59pm. Be aware all you West Coasters--they're abiding by the Eastern Standard Time Zone. In any case, you might try to keep your eyes open for this one since they are not willing to let us know when this 1K opp is released. This is promised--it will be out there with no segmentation guaranteed.

So, be on the look out, Tuesday will be upon soon. I truly wish you to grab the 1K Tuesday for yourself. But alas, the Gatekeeper is on it too. Blessings to you all.

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