Thursday, March 29, 2007

Still Bringing It Home

It is, to say the least, a wonderful thing when one can make a nice living doing the things one loves to do. In the case of the Gatekeeper, who writes for a paycheck, the extra income PayPerPost provides has been a God-sent.

Are writing skills fine tuned with each post? Oh, one would hope so. It's in the practice, though it be writing for the corporate world at times, it is writing nonetheless. Now if only I could find the secret of Alexa and why won't that little bubble upload in the world of my blogs? Yes, it's bittersweet. PayPerPost would let me earn a $1000 for just one post if I could only find a way to please the powers to be at Alexa. But wait, that number is slowly decreasing each day. We shall reach that goal soon.

So is it of interest to the reader to know how much the Gatekeeper has made thus far? And if this was revealed would said reader review this post and join her team at PayPerPost? Well then, I shall tell it to you. The earnings have been quite satisfying, a little over $500 now with more on the way. What shall it be used for? Good question, indeed. Writing conference, of course, where else would she spend it? Although a cruise to Hawaii with her beloved children would be her dream. In any case remember the little bloggers, PPP, and we shall never leave thee.

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