Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Remember Anne Rice

Well, we don't have the full story except to say that Anne Rice's new book is Christ the Lord Out of Egypt. I took note (from her photograph on her site) that she looks much happier. Indeed, are we not used to seeing her in black and forever hiding behind a veil? It might be the way I have always perceived her. Is Lestat no more? Probably a good thing for the Gatekeeper. It's all so intriguing, the dark side of Heaven. She states right there at Anne's new place that she has returned "to the fold." Must say, I'm grateful I never left. When one has known the darkness it does seem logical that one has always known, or at least recognized, the Light.

In any case Christ the Lord Out of Egypt is something I would like to check out allthough my TBR (to be read) list is exploding into something uncontrollable. Here's a snippet from Anne's site . . .

FOR THE READERS OF CHRIST THE LORD, OUT OF EGYPT: This new introduction appears in the paperback edition of the book, released November 1st, 2006:

This book seeks to present a realistic fictional portrait of Our Lord in Time. It is rooted in the faith that the Creator of the Universe became human in the person of Jesus Christ and “dwelt among us.” The magnificent mystery of the Incarnation is accepted and affirmed as fact. Scripture is the inspiration for the emotions and powers of the Child Jesus as they are envisioned here. History as well as the gospels is the source for this picture of a world in which Our Lord might have lived, as a little boy, in war and in peace, from day to day.

Ad majorem Dei gloriam.
July 12, 2006

So does anyone else have an opinion of Anne and her new book??

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cw3129 said...

I have to say this will be a must read for me. I so enjoy the way Anne Rice writes, once I pick up a book by her I can't put it down until my eyes close. She also wrote about a differnt version of how earth, time, humans and animals were created in her book Memnoch the Devil from The Vampire Chronicles and it was very intriguing. I will definitely be picking up this book.