Monday, March 19, 2007


I do not belong on planet Earth. That has become so obvious this past year and drilled into me these previous weeks. Not to worry, it doesn't sadden me, well not to depression. Actually it gives me more strength and a sense of purpose. Does that make sense? I agree with Paul, To live is Christ to die is gain. Again, not to worry, my kids need me. I'd stay for that.

Another scripture that gives me pleasure and much insight is the one that speaks of: "this home is not our home." Even though we have this awesome house to live in now, with wondrous gardens and open spaces, I just cannot call it home. Grateful? Absolutely. My gratitude cannot be put in words. Oh, btw, I'm feeling pretty sickly as I'm writing this so if anyone could actually quote me the scripture and where it, just "comment" it to me.

To continue: Layne and I live, play and work in Hollywood, LA, and Burbank more than half the year and it's pleasant most of the time. But, wow, both Layne and I know and feel that Hollywood is not our world. Yet, as the day progresses on the set or on location, the Lord always brings someone along side of us, both kids and adults, that needed to hear that there is indeed a God. That's a great purpose to be working there, not just that Layne has talent.

Then there's baseball. Hundreds of parents talk about how great their kids are--and they are. But you know, I believe they said somewhere along this March Madness tournament (I know that's basketball, same dif) that only 1% of these college players are headed for the pros. That's a very small number, yet all these parents are hopefull their kids can make it.

On the other hand, church makes sense, God makes sense, God's people--some of them, not so much. But even that's okay since I know that I probably don't measure up to most of them either. Single mom with no college degree (a few certificates on belt notch though) and no "real" job to speak of, unless you call freelance writing a job, and I do. Oh, and a brain which doesn't seem to remember things too well these days. Yellow sticky notes everywhere!

This I do know as I walk around the baseball fields--God is still mindful of me. Phew! I love Sharon Lynn's devotional about the birds. I might just post it again tomorrow. Don't you just love it. Birds! Yeah, why would He not take care of me if he bothers to take care of birds? Speaking of birds. . .

The Neighborhood: (awkward transition, just pay attention)

So many children. Hundreds if not more, gathered around the dusty baseball fields. It's different here in God's open desert lands. The heat of the day can quickly turn to a freezing dusk. No one seems to mind.

I look beyond the fields where the mountains display their glory (God's glory, since no one else can take credit for their creation). It's almost a painting with the whitish blue sky as its canvas. Trees in the desert? Certainly. Though tall enough, only one can enjoy its shade for now.

There are no streets here, no houses to line the park, only God's open fields with patches of grass here and there. The Lord decided, on this day, to release the hawks (I thought they were eagles). Mighty beings they are as they circled the desert scenery. And they flew low enough for most of us to dart out of the way till we stood still in awe. It's your sky, we know, I wish I could fly!


Sharon Lynne said...

In this crazy world, it's comforting to know we are cared for...In Jesus words, "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground aprt from the will of your father. And even the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid, you are worth more than many sparrows."

Also, Go to the March 19th post of "Praying for our Prodigals."


Sharon Lynne said...

correction: The site is

L.L. Barkat said...

Single mom? I did not know that. My mother ended up the same. It was truly a hard road. But, today, I endlessly respect her for walking it with the courage and grace that she did...

Janey Loree said...

Hi Gatekeeper! Great post! I stopped by to let you know that just as soon as Equine Experience is over, I will be visiting more. I feel like I have missed out on a lot...I HAVE!!!

The GateKeeper said...

L.L. I hope I can walk through this life with the courage and grace your mom did. Only time will tell.

Janey, I missed you. I know your busy. What's the Equine Experience all about. Horses?????

And S.L. thanks for the link. I did check it out.