Thursday, March 29, 2007

Keep Sake Gifts For Mother

This is a sweet reminder that Mother's special day will soon arrive, most likely sooner than you had expected. The thirtheenth of May, we have set apart to celebrate our mothers. Do you not know what it is she desires besides chocolate and flowers? Let me be so blunt as to direct you to a special Shoppe, for just such an occasion, at Collectibles Today. Here ye shall find Mother's Day Pendants, Necklaces, Jewelry Gifts for Mom without leaving the comfort of your castle. It's a Gatekeeper's dream.

It is possible, from what I have heard and read, that one might not find these products anywhere else as 99% of all these precious jewels and other items are exclusive to this unique Shoppe of Collectibles. Needless to say then, you might also find that perfect gift for one's Grandmother or Daughter perhaps. Nonetheless, today we shall concentrate on Mothers alone . . . of all ages I might add.

Let's open up those pots of gold (Her worth is far more than your gold coins, do you not think so?) and explore the treasures that would light up Mother's blue, or brown, or hazel eyes.

There are music boxes for memories of days gone by with the enchanted carousel by artist Ardleigh Elliott. If Mother loves Thomas Kinkade--an intriguing, wintry music box playing I'll Be Home For Christmas, might be just what she was longing for. And what of those special jewelry pendants, and sparkling necklaces, and rings to grace her elegant fingers (especially lovely when playing the harp).

Furthermore, it would be wise to take advantage of the Shoppe's propietor who is able to inscribe on each gift a touching sentiment. This I would imagine will make this present a perfect keepsake gift that she, no doubt, will cherish for years.

So that you are without excuse, Mother's Day is in May, the 13th to be precise.

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Anonymous said...

I need to get my mother something good this year, because I kinda went cheap on her last year :-(. I'm definitely going shopping early. I actually found this coupon floating around for Lord and Taylor. You just print it out and can get up to a 25% discount depending on how much you spend. Good luck and Happy Mothers Day!!!