Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Journals

The Gatekeeper has opened up her new Shoppe, and yes, she liked the spelling so she's using it no matter it be wrong or right. Should you be interested in keeping a nice, personal or not-so-personal journal? The shopkeeper highly recommends that you do (and so does former Disney Imagineer, McNair Wilson, btw). You see, everyone has a story. When the inspiration hits one could whip out their journal from book bag etc. and jot down life's mysteries and art work (or well produced squiggly lines, so to speak).

We'd like to mention at this point that we are seeking to self-publish a few ongoing projects with WinePress (preferably, but Lulu could come in handy) and are in need of a little bit of fundages (it seems we are making up words today). Nonetheless, have a quick looksee at the Gatekeeper's Shoppe, and by all means suggestions for journal covers are most welcome. Here's the first edition of The Gatekeeper's Journal (it's empty as she means for you to journal your life within those pages).


Sharon Lynne said...

Just stopped in to say hello. I like to Journal, too. But since I started my blog, my journal is suffering a bit. I think I'll get back into save one of those journals for me!

The GateKeeper said...

Anytime, my friend.