Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's News To Me

Big news is coming . . . it is what the good folks at PayPerPost are saying. Yes, something is up their sleeve, but alas, that something has not come out of the sleeve as yet. Of course there is always that chance that the Gatekeeper has heard a few tidbits here and there from her spies (uhum, she means friends) in the PPP offices. Keep it quiet please. She might have somewhat of a clue what's going on. I'm just saying.

You know, there are those of us still seeking to increase site traffic, are we not? We are indeed. Not to worry, you will know the secrets soon enough. Details later. Now let me see what those sneaky undercovers are saying . . . Could it be that minimum pay for those opps will start at $50. That would be big news. Um, it's always a possibility. Though undercover agent can't seem to unscramble the chatter over those frequency thingy-a-me-doodle lines. Info could be wrong to say the least.

Ah, they're thinking it could be that PPP is buying a major publishing house. Yes, the chances are good. Soon, full length manuscripts can be submitted to . . . oh, names are still encrypted. This could be a problem. Well, it seems you must actually be a PPP writer to be considered for publication, so joining seems to be a must. Oh, no! That's not it. The news at last. We can actually review bloggers posts. Yes that's it . . . review my post and I'll review yours and we both get paid and so on. I'm just saying!

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