Friday, February 16, 2007

Hot Springs

T'was the intention to take a few nice dips in the natural hot springs of Murrieta all weekend long . But alas, it seems there's work to be done. No worry, I think I could managed to sneak out late at night, under the moon-lit sky.

In the meantime here's something for your fancy while I am away. Mother's cooking tips are written in these pages: Come and Dine. Enjoy the visit to the flavor of exotic island dishes.

Or would you perhaps visit Mother in 1942 when she, as a mere child, suffered the horrors of war. Ah, but there was hope.

And don't forget Twiglet. I know it's not Christmas, my friends, but this you must read all the year through.

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Sharon Lynne said...

Those hot springs sound wonderful! I hope you were able to go!