Saturday, January 13, 2007

Supporting Me

A while back I was lucky enough to stumble upon PayPerPost. I had actually signed up for the program but never took advantage of it. For one reason or another I thought I wasn't capable of writing the ads they had posted. You might say I was a little initimidated.

Not to mention that the promise of how to make money at home had such a "scam" element to it. I was wrong, thank the Lord. And slowly, but very surely, I have been able to fatten up my PayPal account. So far I've accumulated over $200, and paychecks are still flowing in, writing a couple of posts per day. Plus, mind you, if I'm a little more shrewd and on the ball, so to speak, I would be able to take the higher paying jobs. For all those lucky bloggers who have a page rank higher than 6, the money is theirs for the taking--and so it should. I'm working to get that higher PR but that's not always an easy accomlishment.

In the meantime, I've been able to keep homeschooling my son while, little by little, I am able to make money at home. I've actually stayed ahead of my bills with this money and today we're going to the outlet stores in Cabazon and buy some new shoes and clothes. More than anything though this extra cash has just given me a little room to breathe and a confidence that I can support myself.

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