Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Loft Experience

On looking further into why my friends are leaving Southern California I discovered it had nothing to do with me. Nice to know. My darling friend, L and her husband, took one look at a few Dallas Condos and we haven't seen them since. But we hear from them often. They love the premiere skyline, enjoyed from a private balcony, and is a satisfactory replacement for beach and mountains. I'll have to check into that story.

Apparantly the empty nesters are flocking back to the city since prices are right even for the upscale Turtle Creek Condos. It's like having your very own piece of the suburb with all the conveniences of the city. Check out beautiful pictures of upgraded lofts and North Dallas Condos. It's luxury without the pricy tag. They say Dallas is a fantastic place to live. Sounds cozy to me.

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