Wednesday, January 31, 2007

God Hurts

Dare to say God or question what is sin and your temples begin to pound till you can't take the thunder in your brain. The pain is excruciating. Quick relief? Don't speak out His name, don't even think about Him.

The Nephilim Seed: A Novel that is fast paced with believable and loveable characters (except for the bad guys) and a plot so clever it will make you go . . . hmm. A little tampering with our DNA, a tad bit of cloning, and a chemical cocktail to alter your mind so one can become more Nephilim-like, and then there's this God-is-dead attitude that makes it all sound so present day.

The ending could have been more explosive but I'm such an actionholic. Nonetheless, the more I think about it, the conclusion of The Nephilim Seed is quite satisfying (brings peace back to the reader's mind) and most likely the only logical ending. So there it is.

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