Tuesday, January 30, 2007

For Family, Friends, And Whoever Is Still Interested

The sun is shining in San Jacinto with a nice cool . . . no wait . . . it's a cold brrrrrreeze. It's about 57 degrees Fahrenheit. For all you fine hobbits in Holland who are still thinking of sojourning this way yonder, that would be about 12 degrees Celsius. 'T is erg, erg warm. It's HOT!! Come on over. We're headed for Diamond Valley Lake. And for my Seattle dearhearts well . . . at least it's not raining and there is room at the DeQ Inn for one and all. Or we'll for sure see you this summer. Hopefully we'll bring the tour bus!!

Not to change the subject but we saw the trailer for CSI Miami and lo and behold Layne was in the trailer. He was still dead and you can't blink if you want to see him. I'm just preparing all our loved ones who might be watching the show next Monday at 10pm that he is still dead. A little disturbing, I know, but he walked off the set on his own power. Be careful, the photographs used in the show is him . . . dead. However, we've experienced this before, footage can always be cut. Doesn't bother him a bit, the kid got paid and the cast and crew loved him--so what's he got to feel bad about?

The Sarah update is secret. Mom's the word, so to speak, we don't want the information to fall into the wrong hands. You'll have to email her yourselves at . . . hahaha you didn't think I'd . . . Anyhow, she's not talking, for now. But she does have a new fridge and the registration for her vehicle has finally come in. Yes, the warrant has been taken care of (it's a long dark tale). She can now park without penalties. And her roomies/suitees are back from inter-term break. Adjusting to sharing things again is good for her. She's such a loner. Mmmm, wonder where she gets that from? I like my cave.

On the brother side of the family. Jos is hanging in there and spending most of his time building his business. One of his ventures is right here at Emmie's Place (ok, so he calls it Emmie's Store or One-Stop Depot). Everyone needs that emergency survival kit, so have at it.

See you all this summer for FreedomFest because where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Freedom!!!!! If you want to sponsor West Washington's largest music festival, let me know or let them know. You will get the "You Rock" status. What more would you want?


Sharon Lynne said...

We'll be watching for Layne! What a surprise, that he was in the trailer!

The GateKeeper said...

Sweet, huh? But, like I said, don't blink.