Monday, December 18, 2006

Writers and Such

As a writer I make it a point to dish out at least 500 words a day. Sometimes at the end of a week those words actually turn into a nice article or short story. Triond has been a wonderful place to get those articles and stories published. Make sure your work has been edited and is of interest to others. Your writing will get read and Triond, true to their word, will pay you. They don't promise riches but they do get you a few dollars here and there. And . . . if you are consistant, so is the money.

You may also upload your photographs, audio (original music etc.), and videos. I have personally been able to publish my pictures, including some artwork, and also a few of my essays, short stories, many recipes, and a few pages of my ongoing journal. Take a look for yourself right here . . .

A Fantasy Tale From Hell is the first chapter of a three-chapter novella, I guess you could call it, and was published by Triond on AuthorSpot. There's lots of competition, always a good thing, to keep a writer on her toes. But don't forget this site also welcomes photographs, videos and audio. Take a look and get her work published.

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