Friday, December 22, 2006

Still Looking?

When all has been said and done and the season has passed us by, what will you remember most of all? Did you spend time with your kids? I mean precious, quality time? Did the shopping get the best of you or did you manage to find the quiet, peaceful moments or share a good meal with the ones you love. It's almost Christmas and your shopping is done, right? We hope so, but if not . . . then grab your laptop, find your favorite corner and get those last minute gifts in peace.

For the music lover try these classic opera glasses. Yes, you heard me. Need those prescription sunglasses come visit OpticsPlanet. And for the way-too-adventurous boys in your life get them those night vision goggles if you dare. I don't think they can see through steele. But I could be wrong. And if your order is over $29.95 you don't pay a dime for shipping and handling. Sounds like a treat and a deal to me.

So get happy, browse through the thousands of unique gifts at OpticsPlanet and give your car a rest. It's no fun tackling that traffic anyhow. Merry Christmas to one and all.

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