Thursday, December 14, 2006

Keeper of Safety

If there is one thing the Gatekeeper feels strongly about, it would be to keep the castle safe. So I urge you, one and all, to trade some of that fine silver or gold for a trustworthy Security System. Surely there is a handy man you know to install a portable system with 24/7 monitoring. Truly kind sir, the Beagle and the Jack Russell can't protect you as well, though hard they may try. Though this high tech (babble to the Gatekeeper) infrared detection Security System is actually quite pet friendly. This wireless unit, with keychain alarm is most highly recommended for smaller castles (you would call home or an apartment) and, no doubt, for the place you work. The Gatekeeper recommends you take your horse quickly to trading posts such as Home Depot, or Costco, maybe Sears, it's all a little foreign to me. Nonetheless, I believe you know where you must go. Keep wherever you abide safe with this Security System.

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