Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How A Good Man Went Bad

(Excerpts from I Samuel)

He was a good man, they said, always heard the voice of God and relayed the messages to the people. Apparently he towered over most men; tall, dark and handsome is what the Book says. Needless to say, he was brave as well. They made him king, because they did not trust God to rule them anymore. No, they wanted a mere human to head all of their kingdoms. So God said okay, but you won't like it.

The brave young man, from the least of the least in the land, was very honored and saved their behinds from neighboring nations who planned to turn the king's people into slaves. This victory meant party time--lots of dancing and well, you know.

Then the king disobeyed God and got somewhat greedy. He went to war and kept all the loot for himself. Not to worry, there was a prophet in town who came to set him straight. The king denied he had kept any of the treasure till the sheep gave him away. Bleh!

Then the prophet said, you can stay king for a while, but God is taking away His Good Spirit that was with you and you're going to get a nasty one in return. Never good. No more sleep and the fits of anger didn't help his family life one bit.

However, that wasn't the worst of the news for the brave, good looking king. God had already hand picked another kid to inherit the kingdom. A shepherd boy who played a harp, of all people.

This kid must have been even better looking than the king, braver and definitely stronger. He had already killed a lion and a bear with his bare hands and further more . . . he was a musician. Built-in fans. He couldn't lose and the king became a tad bit jealous. Bitten by the green monster was the last straw and it eventually ruined his life, his kingdom and maybe . . . his chance to get into heaven?

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