Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holiday Fitness

Oh, what have we done? Yes, if one is like the Gatekeeper, one has indulged in too many Christmas delicacies. Thanksgiving might not have helped either. Yet, I am proud to say, I have stayed true to a daily walk, a brisk one I might add. Indeed, there is nothing like a brisk thirty-minute walk every evening after a good meal.

And speaking of meals, I must learn to combine a few good eating habits with my daily routine. Otherwise what would be the use of all that excerise? Yes, surely there are easy diets one could incorporate into one's life.

Just one more thing to mention. The Gatekeeper must find a weight training program since she is the only one protecting the castle. No male keeper in this manor. Strength is what she desires and must have. She is sure to embark on this quest with no excuses.

1 comment:

L.L. Barkat said...

A daily walk! I am so impressed.