Friday, December 08, 2006

Gifts and Such

Christmas tree looking good? Is there a star or an angel topping your creation? Do the candy canes and strung pop corn amongst the lights bring that festive feeling home? And oh, that fire in the fireplace is crackling those Christmas sounds. But if you still need a few more packages under the Christmas tree, here's a few more gift ideas.

Visit Optics Planet and get your boys all that fun night vision stuff and rifle scopes. There's FREE shipping on any order over $29.95 so just in case you're looking for digital camera scopes and binoculars don't worry about the extra S/H fee. Great gifts, huge selection and the best products on sale. Go check them out.

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Anonymous said...

I really do love your writings, oh Gate keeper....... you truly do have a gift. Just can not wait to see you and Oma again, we do miss you guys.... We will be over soon.....not very far to go hee hee hee.....

God Bless <><