Saturday, December 23, 2006

For All The Single Moms

There are so many reasons why I love my church and church family. Today, once again, I am reminded why I travel the 80 miles each Sunday (and every other Thursday evening) when I received this Christmas card from one of our pastors. Here's a little bit of the letter that was inside.

. . . I wish I could enclose in this card a host of gifts for you. A Starbucks card, a massage certificate, a housekeeping service, a nanny and personal assistant, a best friend if you lack one, and exciting vacation destination, and a good home-cooked meal. However, they won't all fit! And none of those things are in themselves, or ultimately, what you need. The best thing I can give you is God's Word, which is life and strength and health and joy.

. . . In Psalm 111 I was stopped at the second sentence and pondered whether I do or could honestly give thanks to the Lord. I give thanks with my tired heart, my overwhelmed heart, my lonely heart, my grumpy heart, my frustrated heart, my irritated and ungrateful heart, my selfish heart . . . bring all of who you are at the moment to the throne of grace. You will likely find your heart transformed. The psalmist of 116 reveals one of the reasons why we love God so much. "I love you Lord because you hear me. You listen to my requests and cries." If we will speak, he will listen. If we confess, he will forgive.

Getting help for depression, debt or cash management issues as well as needs for food, gas or help with insurmountable expenses is important and possible--please call me. If you are hurting let your community know.

Well God has been good to us and (I don't know how it happened) we have no insurmountable expenses and no issues with depression or a lack of food. I might ask for some gas money though. It's good to know my church family cares. It's also good to have wonderful parents, kids and my bestests friends of my writing group.

And, by the way, this year I've gotten encouragement and inspiration from a few bloggers which include Foot Steps of Love, and Seedlings in Stone. Thanks guys.

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