Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Empty Christmas Tree

The high desert is cold this Christmas. There's a thin layer of frost in the early mornings. Not so good for the plants, especially the cherry tree which looked so promising this summer. Nonetheless, the snow on the local mountain tops makes it feel like Christmas, indeed. And though there are no presents under the tree, neither child has made a complaint. Truly I am blessed.

Little brother and family came over today and spent precious time with us. It's how Christmas should be. Just being together and singing The First Noel. They came bearing gifts, I bowed in silence. There was nothing I could give in return. So we cooked up a great meal for them and we ate, we laughed and talked all day.

The high light of our day was when Nephew snuck around with his mighty film camera. It wasn't long beforel we surrendered to his lense and all enjoyed acting goofy. Magically, his digital camera displayed the images onto his lap top, instantly. Father was very impressed. Princess Sarah did not say a word but I could guess her thoughts: It would be nice if but just one present was under the tree--a new HP digital camera with a new photo printer perhaps? I surely would get it for her (a film major without equipment). . . if I could.

"Ah, Mom," she said. "A digital camera would make it easy for me to send pictures from college to home."

"Maybe someday," I said.

"I know," she whispers.

There might be a way, I thought. After all, this post is sponsored by HP.

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