Thursday, November 23, 2006

What's On Your Christmas List?

So, what is on your Christmas list? Well, what I really mean to ask is; what's on the Christmas list your mom, dad, husband and kids gave you, right? I'm going to throw out a few ideas right up till December 24th. This is for the scientists, young and not so young, in the family. Let me direct you to the world of micro universe.

"Kids, and student microscopes, from high school to medical school, from enthusiastic hobbyist to university scientist we have a microscope for U!" That is their claim and apparently it is true. I checked it out. These microscopes sound like a mighty fine idea for all of us who homeschool, I might add.

Of course, for your shopping experience, and enjoyment, I'll find you the greatest, humugous deals on planet Earth. Up to 70% off at Optics Planet and free UPS shipping for orders over $29.95. I don't know the percentage of people who shop online, but sounds like a good plan to avoid the holiday stampedes.

So enter the crazy world of science, take a peek at their gift packages, and make your scientists happy. Go take a lot at their unique gifts with an extended No-Hassle-Holiday-Return policy. Now that's a nice package.

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Smurf said...

Isnt it amazing how the Macy's Day parade started the "Christmas season" starting as soon as Santa Claus concludes the parade? I just say that because you are talking about Christmas and my TT today is about Christmas songs. Happy Thanksgiving.