Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving: The Way It Is.

Ah, Thanksgiving. Great food, good company, right? I do love this season, but not all the memories were filed under "lets do that again." One such no, no was when my son (about 8 years old, I think) got lost while out on a short hike with the family. All ended well, and we were proud of him for not panicking and finding his way back on his own by looking for familiar landmarks. What scared him more was the verbal beating he took afterwards. It wasn't from me or his dad. We stopped it because we believed it wasn't the time or place nor was the discipline done by the right person. Somehow the rest of the night was salvaged by some very cool family members.

The B. clan was the awesome family we hung around with come November 23rd or there abouts. Wonderful warm home, always a welcome mat. Mr. B. was close to the best cook I've ever known and Mrs. B. made an awesome Crunchy Caramel Apple Pie. To die for.

But I never felt real (totally my fault, I know). This I don't really understand because I loved the conversations we had. That was real. What's not real about the Lakers? Never mind, don't answer that. Nonetheless we had fellowship that would make anyone jealous. Talking God is always a plus. Catching up with family stories, another plus. Then what the heck was wrong with me? I just didn't feel real. Mmm, it's still a mystery to me.

Did you ever have a fight at Thanksgiving about where and when to celebrate Christmas? Ah, maybe that's what it was. We always came to some kind of compromise, but it still got me on edge and sometimes not really looking forward to Christmas till I remembered the reason for the season. Yes, Happy Birthday Jesus.

Well, anyhow, last year around Thanksgiving we were almost homeless. Our house was packed (we were moving) and our new house wasn't built yet. My son was visiting his Dad (and the new family), my parents were invited to their friends for dinner and my daughter was working.When she got home around midnight, she and I cooked a really small and still-frozen turkey that we served up with a can of beans. Did I mention she was so sick that a month later she ended up in a hospital with a surgeon cutting open her throat to drain out the sack of poison that had grown on her tonsils? Yep, that was fun. Sorry.

So, this year (all healthy, happy and in a brand new home), we have decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with just the three of us. We are going to spoil ourselves. Mom and Dad are invited, of course, but they might wind up with friends. I think they love us just a smidgen more and will most likely sit at our table come Thursday. We're just going to be real with one another and eat our fave foods. College girl is driving home right now and we've even put a mint on her pillow. I can smell my beer-butter-chicken-bouillion-green-onion turkey now. Good times. All this to say, may your Thanksgiving be truly a thankful day to be with family.


Katie said...

Hi Debby!

Thanks for stopping by our site and commenting. I invite you to continue to read. I also invite you to visit our myspace accounts that are linked from our homepage. I skimmed your blog quickly as I am pressed for time (pie baking). I definitely plan to visit again when there is more time available. I have a few holiday dinner disaster stories of my own! LOL. God bless you!

Forever His,

lilfeathers2000 said...

Stepping out on a politically incorrect limb