Thursday, November 16, 2006

I Love My Job

Well it's a writer's nightmare to think one might never actually get published. But along that lonely journey, where everyone around you says "get a real job," come the moments which reaffirms that, indeed, you are a professional writer.

Today, I got to open my email and found a couple of messages from PayPerPost saying that...yep, I've been paid.

I can make money blogging! These last couple of months I got down to business and learned how to write ads for a living. PayPerPost gave me a boost and hooked me up with some major companies. Writing ads or copy writing is not selling out. It's sharpened my writing and, if I might add, helps my bank account grow. Always a plus. Now I can actually support my other writing habits.

Adding to that writing habit, PayPerPost has got me into making short films. Life is fun. I'm taking free classess online at Hollywood Connect and hopefully soon they'll be bringing in a few hundred here and there. One can only hope.


Anonymous said...

First of all, I love writing. Second, I think that you are way ahead of me in this bussiness. And I think you should go on until you publish 'something', because some day you will.

Anonymous said...

I do not know Debby personally, however I do have good friends at church who do. She is correct in referring to herself as a "fantasy" writer. She lives in a "fantasy" world. Referring to herself as a writer while she expects others to support her! My friends say that it gets pretty old listening to her complain about how broke she is, yet she contiues to believe that her writing skills will somehow "come through". How old is this woman, anyway? Reality check!!

Ella Quint said...

I guess Anonymous #2 has walked a mile in "Debby"'s shoes, to be judging her in this way.

A word to whomever you may be: this is gossip. Gossip is condemned all over Scripture. You might want to take that log out of your eye...

Anonymous said...

Who feeds those kids that you have on your site?

The GateKeeper said...

LOL: To Anonymous . . . don't be hiding too long behind that name. You're sounding awfully familiar. The pretty girl, you so love and adore, is fed by the loan I procured from Sallie Mae. The co-signer on that loan is me: not you, not her father nor my father.

Her father sends her a check once a week that almost covers her gas and car payment. But, then again, you knew that. The talented young man on my site actually makes his own living. He works very hard for it and, bless his soul, he pays for my gas. Nickolodean, Disney and now Ben Stiller (keep up with this blog) actually feed us. And the more you visit my site you (not meaning to, I'm sure) have actually made me a couple dollars. And really, I don't wish to defend myself nor is it any of your business, but since I don't get alimony I've had to take on freelancing jobs. Whether you think I'm a good writer or not is, of course, your opinion. I'll send you a copy of The Upper Room if you'll send me your address. Or do I know it already?

You may visit our site as much as you want and hopefully you will find out that God has been taking care of my little family. The kids and I are doing fine, if you cared. And you must not lie about what people in my church say. Because if you really talk to them you would know that I've actually only spoken of how richly the Lord has bless us. Haven't really mentioned poverty.

I know you are hurting. And hurting me seems to be a good way to stop your hurting. I don't mind. I've hurt you, but you won't take any apology. I'm sorry for that too.

This will be the only time I will respond to you in this way. Can you tell me what you/we have accomplished? It doens't fit this blog.

Well, you take care. The boy loves you still and he'll see you this Christmas. The beautiful young woman on the other hand, you might have to win back. That's up to you. She is full of love and she wishes life was different. Be happy.