Friday, October 27, 2006

The Trivial Things

Early this morning I surfed the internet to keep my mind of the smoke-filled skies here in Riverside County. I found some interesting trivia about California. Did you know that the world’s largest living tree stands in California at the Sequoia National Park? I think I actually took pictures of that tree. Let's pray that no fire will ever touch our mighty Sequoias.

It's actually a very clever and well written blog with lots of mind boggling trivia. You should go take a quick gander. By the way, days like this makes me think of other natural disasters like Katrina though I'm not sure an arson fire qualifies. There's some good information on hurricanes on their site too. All in all, it's helped my writing and given me food for thought. I pray that the many lives touched by tragedy will find healing soon. Allthough that might sound trivial in itself, I do think a lot about it all.

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Helen said...

I saw on the news here in England pictures of the fire and that firefighters had sadly lost their lives, it must be very difficult for you all at the moment, praying for Gods peace and restoration in your country at this time, with so many miles between us God is everywhere and hears each prayer, God Bless you and your family,

Helen x.