Monday, October 09, 2006

The Monthly Family Update

Hear ye, hear ye!! Cousin Cindi in Washington cannot get her toes warm. We shall send socks, donations are welcome. She will take new or used ones, it makes no difference to her at this point. She also has great need of helpers to scatter the bark (wood chips?) over her back yard which, mind you, is dangerously hilly and one might get pommeled by a very unsappy, floury, sour apple.

Cousin Cindy up North (boo those darn A's) is apparently seeking a new place of employment. Good luck with that one. Yes, it appears she has taken a step into the unknown and is quite happy about it.

Cousin Debby (that's me) is currently back in school to become the amazing writer she was meant to be, ahum. And is enjoying the company of her mother's childhood friends from New Guinea. Yes, we have visitors. They are delightful. Cousin Debby is also in dire need of people leaving a comment and say "Hi" so that she knows there really are people out there in blog high society.

That's the update, now back to our regular blog. Part two of the Neighborhood Chronicles will come when I can actually keep my eyes open. Albeit we don't come close to the secret lifes of Desperate Housewives, we are quite as intriguing. Don't forget to say, Hi.


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So you are in the company of the older and the wiser women. I envy you. Learn all you can.

Enjoyed the Alice picture. My grandmother and I used to read and re-read the book together. I still have the book. It's a facinatingly old copy.