Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Pieces of My Day

Wow! No matter how late I get to bed, my internal clock wakes me up early. It's a good thing. Twenty minutes with Jesus and sometimes Sanctus Real or Kuttless and the day begins. Deciding to be a-stay-at-home mom has been a challenge but I thought it was the best way I could raise Godly kids. I'm sure others feel strongly that I should not have done it.

Homeschooling is actually starting to be a blessing but certainly a full time job. Then it gets complicated when we have to prepare tomorrow's lessons ahead of time just in case Layne gets an acting job. At the end of the year he should be a financially-stable teenager and hopefully educated.

Sarah comes online from college right after we get on and she says her usual hello's. We keep in touch that way.

I came up with the extra $11,000 (eeeeecccccckkkkk) for her, not a minute too soon. It arrived at Biola on the due date with a few minutes to spare. Her classes would have been cancelled and she would have been kicked out of her dorm. Honestly I don't think they would have done it. So I'll be working that money off. I'll have to do more office work for Mrs. Lentz in Glendora (about 50 miles away), and clean more houses for a while but she's worth it.

My X-hubby pulled through again and helped me pay off her summer housing. Yes, amongst the chaos we do try sooooo hard to remain friends and he does love his children. I am happy for him as he finally got a chance to pursue his dream job. He's an art teacher now and I always knew he could do it. Now I'm just working on my dream.

Full time school (Jerry B. Jenkins' CWG) for me is tricky, but I find the right moments to study and get the work in on time. I feel smarter by the minute.

As I'm writing this blog, I'm also talking to my friend and partner about setting up our Day Care. Are we ready for this?? I don't know. We'll give it a go. I've taken my classes for it and got my license besides fitting in classes to get my Notary License. That was a bear.

So the day ends with editing articles (sometimes a little too late) for my writing buddies and editing my own manuscripts for them to edit. Today I got a lucky, or rather blessed, break with our family cookbook. There's a store in Hemet that might buy a bundle from us. We can only pray.

I thank the Lord for each day and the strength to get through it. It's amazing but there has been no time for loneliness or unhappiness. Don't get me wrong, there's been the tears but only for healing.

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sp said...

You're doing a great job out there in life. May God send you a big hug of encouragement.