Friday, September 08, 2006

Paying For College and Drum Lessons

My friend, Sandee, gave me some beautiful photographs she took on her book tour of England. I thought I would get creative with them. The GateKeeper on the spiral journal was done by Xhub. He used to draw for me. Aah, those were the days.

It's a living while I put myself through the Christian Writer's Guild, my daughter through college and . . . oh bother! Soon, I hope, we'll have my 13-year-old son's artwork on t-shirts and mugs. Come keep us company at Gtgirls.


Jackie Castle said...

Did you draw those picutures? They are so cool.

The GateKeeper said...

Jackie, the photographs (edited a little) were taken by my friend, Sandra Schroger and the Gatekeeper character was sketched by my X.