Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My Two Cents Worth

Twenty years!! Our church is twenty years old. It was quite the celebration. I really did forget all those good memories. Dieter, our very first pastor there actually remembered me by name. Sweet. The highlight, of course, was seeing old friends. Friends I haven't seen for years. You know, the ones you meant to stay in touch with?

Layne and Sarah got to see their grandmother, who hasn't been to our church for a while. Layne wishes he could go to the Angel game with her and his Dad but we have birthday plans for Disneyland. Baseball season flew by and we actually didn't even go to one Angel or Dodger game together. That's a first.

And speaking of my two cents worth. In an earlier post I said I was trying Triond to publish articles, stories and art and see if there is a slight chance to make some extra cash. It works!!! Well, I made two cents. LOL.

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Paddy O. said...

keep us updated with the triond thing. I'm quite curious about it though not so much to leap in myself quite yet.