Saturday, September 30, 2006

A Friday Post About Thursday

Our day started at 4:45am. The world is a dark place. We got to the set of the Kellogg's commercial four hours later. It is true, after all, that the weather in San Jacinto is far hotter than LA. And once again I chose to take my winter jacket to location and for the second time was greatful that I did.

It was shivery cold in the heart of Los Angeles. There I sat on my Jeff-Gordon-fold-up chair all bundled up and catching up on my reading--Arms of Deliverance: A Story of Promise by Tricia Goyer. Two things about this book so far: 1. I am learning that research makes for a good novel and 2. A woman can write a awesome war story.

After each chapter I put the book down, stretched, nibbled on something healthy (jelly bellys, chips and water). Wait, can't nibble water. You get the picture. Anyway on this particular cool day most of the moms and dads already knew each other and I was left out of the "inner circle." It was the first time I actually could not find anyone to talk to. No matter. I really did need to catch up on some reading. Writers who don't read . . . well . . . that's a big no no. So I was glad for the isolation.

However, I did get to observe these interesting folks and caught some of what they were talking about. They were not a quiet group and though they tried hard not to brag, it always comes to that. It is done well, however, and in a friendly sort of way. Speaking about our children, after all, should make for a nice conversation.

So what do parents of young actors talk about? Hmm. These children are beatiful and talented, it stands to reason that that is what they talk about. Each child's accomplishment is mentioned throughout the course of the day. No one talks about war, child abductions or other issues. I guess it keeps the day pleasant for the most part.

Nonetheless, I miss the depth of true fellowship. Sometimes I still wonder what it is we are doing in this business. I guess if we keep the question always before us, it might just keep us honest. Never chase fame and riches, right? We won't forget.

I don't really get to brag about my son because he gets very upset when I do. And now we have sort of a gentleman's agreement that I keep quiet. Furthermore, I'm very shy and I usually seek out other Christians to talk to. It's quite amazing how we are drawn to one another.

So that was my Thursday and this is Friday, recovery day. We slept till 9:00am and started school just a tad bit late. Aaaah, homeschooling!

A short comment on the food--most excellent on every set, and there's a happy, endless supply of it. Not good for one who is trying to lose a few pounds.

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