Thursday, August 31, 2006

Of Places Far and In Between: TT 3rd Edition

Thirteen Interesting PlacesWhere I've lived or Visited

1. Hollandia, New Guinea. I was born there and really don't remember it. The amazing photographs of jungles and beaches are proof that I, indeed was there.

2. The Netherlands: Way too cold, too small, too much water, not enough sun but a beautiful fairy tale land, nonetheless. Awesome pancakes (pannenkoek), not to mention the tulips, daffodils and crocusses (sp?).

3. Capetown, South Africa: was there for a day or so on our way to Australia. Don't remember much of that day since I was still recovering from almost drowning coming around the Cape of Good Hope.

4. Nashville, Australia: my first encounter with Aussies was really fun even though I didn't speak a word of English. It took me a couple of days.

5. Ascot, Australia: a very large, haunting and scary house with lots of secret doors we weren't allowed to go through and never did.

6. Albion, Australia: all I remember are the four gigantic mango trees that hid the house and an enormous room in which we played roller derby, yay!

7. Spitfire Avenue!

8. Strathpine, Australia: two story house with the Garden of Eden as our back yard. Food planted and eaten: mangoes, bananas, papaya, passion fruit, guava, tomatoes, beans, chillies (not by me), carrots, and pomegranite apples.

9. Bothell, WA, USA: First time I drove on the wrong side of the street/road. First time I saw snow. First time I got a job and got to keep the money. First time on my own.

10.Mauii: a great vacation.

11. Southern California: A PK's journey is never done.

12. Colorado Springs: to train newbies at Focus on the Family.

13. The Desert of San Jacinto CA: This is the biggest house we've ever owned but I don't think the journey is over.

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Something's Missing said...

Oh, those sound wonderful! I went to Vegas once, lol. That's about as interesting as I get. Oh, well, and I have climbed some ruins in Mexico.

Travel is a big topic in lists this week -- it's great!

My TT is up. Happy Thursday!

MommyBa said...

Wonderful places :)

Happy Thursday!

Incog & Nito said...

Great places - some of which I would love to visit

Lisa said...

WOW! You definitely get around! How cool it must be to see so many different places! I've only been outside the US twice: England and France. Next stop - Italy!! Woo Hoo for pasta! heeh

Thanks for coming by Snarkypants. Have a great thursday!

LaDonna said...

You've definitely had the opportunity to see quite a chunk of this world!

Happy TT!

Yoshi said...

and to think I thought I've traveled! :) You've been to a variety of places!

guppyman said...

Focus on the family? I sthis the little things I hear on the radio way too early in the morning?

dee said...

interesting places you've been to, i hope i can also visit those places too!

Southern Girl said...

There's a Nashville in Australia, too? Cool! I'd like to visit some of those places someday.

My TT is up, too:

Barbara said...

Great places where you have been. Noticed you were a PK's kid. One of my best friends is also a PK's kid - but she's married, with grown kids of her own now. I would love to go to Australia myself.I've had to friends over there, one of whom is still living.

My TT is up.

DK said...

Great list, Deb! And you thought you were running out of steam. You can DO this; you're a writer!
Me too. Come visit my blog...