Saturday, July 08, 2006

Things I Seem To Be Obsessing About

There is a quite a distance between where I live and where I need to be on most days. My church is 87 miles away (one way), my daughter lives on the Biola U Campus, also about 87 miles away and my son stays with his Dad ninety miles from our spread in the wilderness. And I mean, wilderness.

So what am I obsessing about? People wanting to run me over on those separated-by-a-thin-white-line speedways we lovingly call freeways and the NASCAR phenoms that drive there. I can't seem to get anywhere safely.

I'm not sure anymore but last I checked the speed limit was 65mph not 85mph. How shall I get this message out? There's an angel flying close by (no doubt about it) because I have no idea why it is I am still alive.

My other obsession seems to be trying to keep my family together. This also is not working. Even the internet has failed us. Ah, I don't blame them.

Take cousin, Saskia, for instance. She has adorable baby twin boys and not enough hours in the day to take care of them. Jesse, I believe is very sick. Saskia (isn't that a beautiful name) called me from down under and said "It's not fair. I don't even know your kids and you are missing the lives of mine." Sigh. Sadness.

However, once upon a time we were all happy in Holland. Some moved to the USA, got very rich and left us in the cold. But we all learned wealth don't buy happiness. Then a few of the families moved together to Australia where cousins were closer than sisters and the Socceroos almost made it out of the second round. That was a footnote or afterthought. But we were split up in '76. And here I am in the middle of the desert somewhere in Southern Cal. What am I to do with those buffaloes, zebras and sun stroked dogs.

Where is my family?!! You know, I've got a wicked plan. If you all don't come and post on this site well . . . I'm just gonna have to post our baby pictures.

Here's a memory, since my son and I are obsessed with learning Dutch. Actually I speak it but don't write it. Come on, girls, if this don't bring a tear and a smile . . .

Wei geloven in rood, wit and blauw
En wei marcheren voor

Rood is the bloet van de Heilant

(Someone fill in the rest, okay? Okay.)


Dirty Butter said...

So this is fiction?? I've read through quite a few of your posts, but I'm really having trouble telling the difference between the fiction and non fiction posts. I know you put non-fiction on certain ones, but the others sound real, too. What's going on???

Please explain more fully, please.

I came here from BLOG VILLAGE.

The GateKeeper said...

You know, you're right. I kinda lost myself here. When I journal I forget to put non-fiction beside the post and so on. Arggh. I'll be more careful, though, I can't promise my brain will keep up. What's the deal with the name dirty butter btw?