Saturday, July 29, 2006

Someone She Knows

(How we all long to go to that quiet place...Shay is there or is she? Come along on her journey to rise above her circumstances.) . . .

“Yes,” He said and offered His hand. She didn’t take it. Her eyes fixed directly upon the man who walked slowly into focus. Did she know Him? Never had she seen Him before. Yet, she remembered him as a constant companion in the past. Where and when had she lost Him?

“I thought it was You,” she whispered. A few tears streamed down her face. “You don’t show up very often, do you?”

“Are you sure?” He asked gently.

The statuesque man stood before another door—glass held together within white wooden frames. As he opened the door, the smell of fresh flowers, roses and jasmine, rushed through this master suite and engulfed her. A tender breeze played with her hair and she giggled. When she ran to embrace him a Spirit that she could barely contain filled her.

Running through sheer, white silk curtains, Shay danced over soft green grass just outside the suite. Drops of dew caressed her bare feet. She ran and played within an ocean of flowers and cool summer breezes. She looked back and saw Him still standing in the doorway and realized how much she had missed Him.

She tip-toed back inside the master suite and followed the sounds of fresh water gushing into a clean bathtub. He was there.

“I’ve prepared a bath for you,” he said.

She could hardly believe the luxury. Everything she had ever dreamed of was here. A simple floor of golden bricks and mortar with walls from the mighty cedar tree—the color of milk and honey. And a sunken bathtub filled with warm water hidden by thousands of bubbles flirting with rose petals tossed here and there. This room, though large, was a cozy and comfortable place and seemingly prepared exclusively for her. Perfumed soaps in beautiful baskets decorated a stone-washed counter. Hanging plants dressed the frame of an open skylight. No artificial light shone here.

He turned to leave and said, “Relax, take your time. You deserve the rest.”

She watched Him turn and go, but his presence remained. His soothing eyes, his warm smile and that voice stayed with her. The voice had taken away all her fears and worries of life.

The water felt supernaturally refreshing. Somehow, it reached her innermost being, and cleansed her from the inside out.

To be continued . . . stay with us now!

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