Sunday, July 16, 2006

I, The Purpose Driven Nobody

I thought about the charity, Feed the Children, I'm blogging 24 hours straight for, and the children who need not only food and water but a lot of love. This last week I watched as they found children living in dumps, cold caves and on the roof of a public bathroom. I wondered if I could ever take it a step further and physically be there in places like Kenya.

I remember, when I was pregnant with my daughter I once (or maybe twice) baked a couple of hundred cookies and, with a bunch of friends, went downtown LA and gave them to the homeless. Doesn't sound like much, does it?

And, I've only been to Africa once with my family on a ship called the Maasdam. Actually it was South Africa, Capetown, I believe. From the video (35mm, I think) it appears we were very lucky to survive the Cape of Good Hope.

All this to say that I come from a family of missionaries and pastors who are serving the homeless and the hungry orphans in places like Indonesia, Thailand, USA and other places. Of course, my generation decided to skip it. My daughter on the other hand went on three different mission trips before age 16. Now it seems it might be calling me after all. Kenya?

I don't know. Maybe. My church is now putting a team of 8 people together for a Kenya-bound mission in January of 2007. For me, only God knows. I'll be seeking, hopefully listening and hearing for His answer. It's something worth blogging about. Please read the previous post, if you would be so kind, and sponsor me for the blog-a-thon on the 29th of July.

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