Sunday, July 30, 2006

Chilling & Thrilling Interview With SNE

Yeah, all right. Now that I've got your attention, here's the dynamic interview with the ever busy Queen Bee, Sharon Norris Elliott. Okay then, let's get serious...

Me: What inspired you to write your book, “Living the Milk and Honey Life?”

Sharon: After studying about the Israelites and their release from Egyptian captivity, it shocked me that after their miraculous release, they wanted to go back to their captivity when they met their first challenge. My girlfriends and I began talking about how we had been released from our own “Egypts” yet we too would want to return to the very things we longed to be delivered from. This book discusses this trait in us as women.

Me: Tell us a little bit more about “Living the Milk and Honey Life.”

Sharon: When God brought the Israelites out of their Egyptian bondage, he intended for them to live in the Promised Land, a land flowing with milk and honey. Living the milk & honey life means you are living as God would have you to live. Your new life is one characterized by the joy and peace you will find when you are following God’s directives.

Me: What is a Milk and Honey Life retreat?

Sharon: The Milk & Honey Life Retreat is a time when women can get away from their daily responsibilities to concentrate on hearing from God. Women are pampered physically at a beautiful resort, allowed to explore their emotional issues in a safe environment surrounded by other loving sisters and professional workshop leaders, and encouraged and challenged spiritually through God’s word.

For more information on this awesome retreat visit Sharon's Site.

Me: How did it go this year?

Sharon: This year’s retreat was a phenomenal success. All of the above took place under the anointing of God. Some women were able to talk through some issues, others felt they heard from God in regard to the vision He wanted them to personally fulfill their lives. Still others, who had come just for the relaxation and fellowship, got that rest and made new friends. Most of the women are excited about returning next year and intend to bring friends along.

Me: When is the next one?

Sharon: Next year’s Milk & Honey Life Retreat is at the same location (The Boulders Resort and Golden Door Spa) in Carefree, AZ, near Phoenix. It will be held June 29 – July 1, 2007. Talks are underway for the Milk & Honey Life Retreat to go to different locations around the country. If your readers are interested in sponsoring a retreat closer to their own area, have them contact me through the website at MilkAndHoneyLife . An area sponsor will work with our MHLR office at choosing an appropriate site. We would need to guarantee a minimum of 60 women, and would assist with local advertising, promotion, and on-site volunteer support staffing during the event.

Me: As far as writing, what is your next project?

Sharon: I have several ideas for my next writing projects. I’m working on 3 book proposals and it all depends upon which contract comes through first as to what I actually concentrate on. I’m working on two more women’s titles: one challenging women with the question, “Are you concerned about what concerns God?” The other discusses the armor of God for women. The third project is a compilation devotional book.

Me: Well, thanks, Sharon, for taking the time to talk with us. We look forward to working, oops I mean, reading your next master piece.

The End.....
sort of

You can buy Sharon's books right here.
Living a Milk And Honey Life: Letting Go of What's Holding You Back
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Thanks for reading thus far and for your utmost and undivided attention.

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