Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Boring Me

Well, it's official--I'm boring. I'm not an angry person, nor a sad one, I'm not lonely, I don't hate the government and I read and write as all good bloggers do. I rather enjoy being boring. Today I wrote 500 words for a children's story called, The Battle for Dimple Bumbleroot. Just 500 more words, or maybe a 1000, and I can send it off to my writers group so they can mark it up with a gazillion red marks.

Since my son is with his dad, I've had a chance to just write and blog and read. If it wasn't for actually having to get out of the house to go to church I would officially have been inside the house for 8 straight days. But wait, I had to feed the dogs.

I do miss, Layne, my son. He forgot his cell phone at a friend's house. Summer school is not over and it's troubling me a little. I homeschool so I packed the books and brought it to him after church on Sunday. I also snuck his Bible in between his text books. Wonder how that's going?

I also miss my daughter who's off to college/university. She's a Biola girl and calls her mom every day...almost every day to talk about the world according to Sarah. Aaaah, she's free.

Oh, btw, did I mention we had an earthquake on Sunday? Nothing like being alone when a 3.8 hits. I yelped and it was over in 2.1 seconds.

Again, sorry I can't blog about Brother Bush and Iraq (I think he's doing a good job) or how I disagree that soccer will unite the world and that the all-star game should never decide homefield advantage.

Peace will never come to the middle east, they're not interested. Father Abraham is not only the father of Isaac but also Ishmael. Hmmm.

Well...I think I'll venture outside and try to photgraph the hawks that are circling my little dogs.

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voni said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! And for leaving a reply:) I've never been in an earthquake before. At least I never felt it.