Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Battle For Dimple Bumbleroot

So this is the gist of it. I'm Oh so curious to see if this will work. No matter though, I'll probably wind up having fun with it. The story starts in the little town of Dimple Bumbleroot. You, marshmallow clouds, cobblestone streets etc. Everything is wonderful...or is it? Of course not. Would you like to give us the next paragraph? Novel Me has the first 500 words. You're welcome to edit and change.


Vive42 said...

Hello from the other side of the universe... I'm sorry the christian community doesn't buy fantasy. CS Lewis is a pretty tough act to follow I'd imagine.

If it helps sci-fi readers often have trouble with faith in any form... Wonderful people and yet you mention that you believe in a higher power and they can get downright obnoxious.

prying1 said...

J.R.R. Tolkien was a Christian and from what I understand some of the stuff he put out was considered fantasy of a sort. -

That said however there is always the section of the Christian community that gets a bigger kick out of burning books as opposed to actually reading them - They will make the front page while the readers will sit quietly and enjoy.

Keep on writing/Keep on Blogging -

Whoo Hoo More stuff to read!