Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Aussie Way

Did you know, at least when I lived there, that your freshman year of high school started in the 8th grade?

We lived in Nashville (that’s Nashville in Qld., Australia) with my cousins. That was close to the funnest childhood memories I have. I learned to eat Corn Flakes with warm milk and sugar, Fish and Chips with Mayo and Chico Rolls. We picked the best mangoes and climbed macadamia nut trees.

Australian beaches are awesome as we soon found out. Unfortunately, the movie, Jaws, stopped me from going into the crystal blue water for quite a while.

Not Fun Memories: Cousin, Saskia, almost dying from a puffer fish bite. Having to learn English in 3 days. Learning to walk on bare feet. Never finding my own corral on the Great Barrier Reef.

Sports We Played: Figaro, Netball, Softball, Cricket, Rugby. They play so many more now.

The Family Moves:
From Nashville to Brighton
From Brighton to Ascot
From Ascot to Albion
From Albion to Strathpine
From Spitfire Ave in Strathpine to Bells Pocket Rd, Strathpine.

From Strathpine to the United States. How many times has your family moved?

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