Saturday, June 24, 2006

Waiting, Writing, and Short Stories

This waiting game is hard. Writing is hard. Having your short stories published is a small income but it is quite rewarding. So while I wait for an agent to get interested in my novel, I sit behind my computer and pound out more than 500 words a day, and edit, edit, edit. Did I mention rewriting is a bear? But I must, and so I do.

In the meantime it's nothing big but Pitwit Magazine has accepted a short story I wrote based on the death of my friend/aquantance, Sherry. It's just another Piece Of My Life, under their Drama section. The title is Of Love and Death or Skeletons. Take a look if you like and leave your comments.


Neers said...

you definitely have a talent and the story was very moving, i swear... i loved it!! keep it up, girl! :)

Neers said...

thanks!! :) guess it comes from too much of solitude... and heyy, thanks for stopping by!