Freebies can be found all over the internet. Yes, Google and Swagbucks are our friends. Searching with Swagbucks, btw, can make you about $20 a month. That's a lot of searches though. Works well if you're doing research. Scroll down further and we have a list of FREE books and Movies. Here's a list of past freebies that might still be available. And if you join us in posting Freebies, leave your link in the comments section and we'll visit your freebies and might even Tweet it for you or give you link right here.

Freebies for September

OUR FREE BOOKS ON PINTEREST: We find new ones almost on a daily bases. Some books are only free for a few days so make sure you check the prices.
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And here, for your reading pleasure, is a list of FREE books for your Kindle or Kindle for PC--Speculative fiction mostly. Email the Gatekeeper if you would like for us to include your book. And, of course, this list will grow.

Also check out . . .

FREEBIE Friday on Suzanne Hartman's blog
Free ebooks From Bartleby

Alpha Rising (G.L. Douglas)
Astra: Synchronicity (Lisa Eskra)
Broken World: Children of Another God
Origins: Spinward Fringe (Randolph Lalonde)
Relentless (Robin Parrish)
Shatter (Elizabeth C. Mock)
Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith (John Jackson Miller)
Stories: A Prayer for Dead Kings and Other Tales (Scott Fitzgerald Gray)

The Accidental Hero (Joshua Graham)
The Faerie Tales of Weir (Anna McClure Sholl) 
The First Dragoneer (M.R. Matthias)
The Honour of the Knights (Stephen Sweeney)
The Hour of the Time (Vincent Hobbes)
The Light of Eidon (Karen Hancock)
The People of the Mist (Henry Rider Haggard)
The Piligrim's Progress
The Thorn: The Chronicles of Gan (Daron Fraley)
The Time Machine

Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea
Water and Other Stories (Daron Fraley) 

FREE Movies:

Treasure Planet is just sweet, courageous and very redemptive. It was the first movie (animated) that my kids and I watched while we went through a heartbreaking divorce. You'll fall in love with the little boy. He'll make you cry though. Well, he made us cry.